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Derya Durmaz


Derya Durmaz


The  Fallen Gender is an interdisciplinary performance and installation  project which takes an intimate look at how we submit to gender roles  imposed by the society and rethinks the binary cis-tem which interprets  identities and relations on a bipolar framework, as well as placing this  template within the body, to examine the conflict between our  perception of our bodies which are the first house our souls live in,  and the societies’ perception of it.

It  takes a look at this house, this host of memories and traumas to  understand its movement patterns. Could a house move? How does  foundational level conflict affect our structure and our navigation  through a binary, heteronormative system that denies new identities and  shelters?

Directed and Devised by Derya Durmaz
Choreography and Visual & Spatial Installation by Michael(a) Daoud
Assistant director and Dramaturg Zain Saleh
Performance by Derya Durmaz and Michael(a) Daoud

26. Okt. 2022


4. & 6. November 19:30 | Atelier Gardens


Freier Eintritt

Zähringerstr 22, 10707 Berlin

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