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Nisa Ojalvo

This is Mine. What's Yours?

Lauren Hart

Christmas Special for Children

What scares you the most? 

Come and dance with a friendly gorilla and let your fears disappear...


A site specific based performance for one child at a time. You are invited to meet a friendly gorilla. The gorilla would like to make friends and take away things that scare you. The gorilla will write notes to you and ask for your help. You will get the chance to sing and dance your fears away. You can talk or write to the gorilla whichever your prefer. The gorilla is looking forward to meeting you. 

Devised and performed by Lauren Hart

more information...

The performance was originally created for adults and has been specially adapted to be suitable for children

Age recommendation 8+

Performance take place from 14.00 - 19.20, in 9 single time slots, each performance lasts 20 minutes

Once arriving head to the reception-lounge to collect your ticket and you will be given further instructions

11. Dez. 2016



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