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War Baby Dreams 2.0.

Vsevolod Kovalenko

Still not a Premiere but a Work-in-Progress 2.0 of the cool drive-in one-man Musical!

“War Baby Dreams” - one small step for an actor - one giant leap for the musical industry.

This performance is a one-man musical based on the American novel “The Basketball Diaries” by Jim Caroll.

It’s  a story about a young boy Jim Carroll living in New York City in the  mid-60s. He is a basketball star, writes poetry, and is afraid of the  outbreak of atomic war. Trying to hide from reality one day he decides  to try heroin.

The anti-war and pacifist show explores how  military actions destroy minds even of those, who are not involved  directly. And Post-traumatic stress disorder is not only an individual,  but a group phenomenon, affecting children and teenagers for generations  to come.

"War Baby Dreams" is directed and performed by actor and  musician Vsevolod Kovalenko, who left Russia because of his anti-war  stand.

Vsevolod masterfully immerses the audience in the  atmosphere of New York in the 60s and at the same time with his songs  subtly draws a parallel between the events of the 20th century and the  modern world. Eleven musical numbers were written especially for this  performance. The musical style is close to the grunge rock of the  60s-70s. One can hear allusions to the choruses to songs by The Doors,  Bob Dylan, Jim Hendrix or Jim Carroll himself in the guitar riffs.

This  work-in-progress is an open preview show. An opportunity to see the  material during its preparation and to participate in its formation.

After  the show there will be an open meeting with the creators, where you can  share your impressions and ask questions to the project team.

Directed and performed by actor and  musician Vsevolod Kovalenko

6. Nov. 2023




Prinzenallee 33, Berlin-Wedding

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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