User Contracts

In order to use our facilities a  registration in our database is required.

For this, the following options are available: a long-term user agreement - a so-called F-contract or an A-contract with special conditions (fixed period, fixed price and fixed rehearsing room).

For the duration of an F-contract a deposit of 50 € will be necessary, which will be refunded upon termination of the contract. Room reservations and cancellations can also be made by telephone or e-mail for F-contract users. Bookings are possible for a period of 6 weeks in advance.


There is currently an increased demand, therefore such an agreement can only be concluded after a personal meeting with the project management for user communication Gabi Schohl. Appointments can be made via e-mail.

Contact Reception: 030 - 2804 1966


At times of increased demand, waiting times may occur during processing. We ask for your understanding. 


Alternatively, we offer a short-term allocation of a registration number, which enables users without a contract to book free space capacities that are still available on a daily basis. This requires a one-off personal consultation and the signing of our house and data protection regulations. Bookings can then be made by telephone or in person at the reception desk. For users without a contract, the regular usage fee increases by 1€/h.


Inquiries about A-contracts with special conditions should be sent exclusively by e-mail via the contract office to Sonja Fleige.