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  • 1. Who can rehearse at theaterhaus berlin?
    Our rehearsal rooms can be used by professional performing artists of all genres, as long as they make their living primarily as an artist. The studios are suitable for dancers, actors and performers.
  • 2 What is meant by artistic professionalism?
    Artistic professionalism means that the users have a degree in an artistic field and/or many years of professional experience, which is demonstrably represented by artistic work or projects.
  • 3. What kind of rooms are available for rent?
    Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the rehearsal rooms.
  • 4. What does a room cost?
    theaterhaus berlin is a rehearsal and production center funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Affairs. This funding enables us to offer artists subsidized rental prices that are below the usual market prices. The rehearsal rooms can be rented from €3.00 per hour. You can find an overview of the different prices and rooms here: Location Mitte & Location Schöneweide.
  • 5. How to book a room?
    In order to use our rehearsal rooms, you need to register in our database and sign a contract. You can find all the information here.
  • 6. Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?
    We only rent out rooms for rehearsal periods of 2 hours or more and up to 3 months.
  • 7. Are there any restrictions on the type of use?
    theaterhaus berlin is a rehearsal and production venue. The rooms and rehearsal stages are currently only available for rehearsals. Rehearsal rooms cannot be rented for parties, family celebrations, company events and the like.
  • 8. What contract and user models are available?
    There are various types of contract with different conditions: X-contract: entry-level contract with short-term booking option up to 24 hours in advance Z-contract: contract with a term and flexible booking of rooms up to 6 weeks in advance A-contract: fixed rehearsal period, fixed room and fixed price Bookings via an X-contract cannot be canceled. For all other usage models, the free cancellation periods vary from 48 hours to 6 weeks. For further information, please contact the contract office:
  • 9. I am rehearsing with colleagues who have a user contract and would like to book a room using their number. Is that possible?
    In principle, passing on the contract number is not permitted and will result in the user account being blocked. Shared use is only possible after consultation with the contract office.
  • 10. Where do I get the key for the rehearsal room?
    Keys are handed out at the reception desk after check-in and must be returned there daily after the end of the rehearsal. The key must be collected by the person with the contract, a contact person named in the contract or a co-user.
  • 11. What payment options are available?
    You can pay in cash or by EC/credit card at the reception. Invoices are paid by bank transfer.
  • 12. Can I also pay for my bookings by invoice?
    For A-contract users, it is possible to pay the booking by invoice and bank transfer.
  • 13. Do I have to pay a fee if I don't turn up or cancel?
    Bookings via an X contract number cannot be cancelled. For all other types of use, the free cancellation periods vary from 48 hours to 6 weeks. For further information, please contact the contract office:
  • 14. How are the rooms equipped?
    We offer rooms from 30m² with different equipment: Dance floor, sprung floor, dance carpet, wooden floor or linoleum flooring. Mobile equipment includes pianos, mirrors, technical equipment as well as tables and chairs. All rooms can be darkened with white or black molleton curtains. If you have special requirements regarding the number of tables and chairs, please let us know in advance when booking or at reception.
  • 15. Is it possible to borrow technical equipment?
    Technical equipment can be borrowed from our tech pools at both locations. For reservations and questions about equipment and availability, please contact for the Mitte location and for the Schöneweide location.
  • 16. What about the acoustic in the rooms?
    Our rooms are designed exclusively for the performing arts and do not offer sufficient sound insulation for musical rehearsals, band rehearsals or singing rehearsals. Rehearsals with loud instruments (wind instruments, drums, etc.) are only possible in our rooms in exceptional cases and only in consultation with the contract office, out of consideration for the other artists.
  • 17. Is it possible to be supervised by a technician during my rehearsals?
    We generally offer an introduction to the technical equipment we provide. For the rehearsal stages equipped with technology, M003 in Mitte and A001 in Schöneweide, our technicians also provide support with the technical setup depending on needs and availability. Please contact the technical management via
  • 18. Is it possible to organise events at your theatre?
    theaterhaus berlin is a rehearsal and production centre for independent performing artists. Our rooms are available exclusively for rehearsal purposes. If you are interested in opening up your rehearsal process to external parties, please get in touch with us:
  • 19. Is there a piano in the rooms?
    There are pianos in some rooms that can be rented for a fee of €2 per hour. A grand piano is also available for use at both locations. Keyboards can be rented for a fee.
  • 20. Can I store or temporarily store props / stage sets / equipment?
    We offer lockable, shared storage rooms or lockable boxes in various sizes for the storage of props, set elements and other equipment. Please contact reception or the contract office for more information.
  • 21. Can you help us promote our project / events?
    We would be happy to promote your projects and events on our homepage and our social media channels. Please contact public relations regarding this via
  • 22. Is theaterhaus berlin accessible?
    The theaterhaus berlin currently has limited accessibility. Ramps are available to guarantee barrier-free access. The sanitary facilities are only barrier-limited. There is also no elevator. We are working on taking accessibility to the next level at both locations. If you need assistance on site due to mobility restrictions, please contact us in good time.
  • 23. What about parking at theaterhaus berlin?
    Parking spaces are available for users at both locations. There are also plenty of bicycle racks.
  • 24. Is it possible to bring my dog to the rehearsal?
    Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the rehearsal rooms.
  • 25. Can I buy food and drink on site?
    At the location in Mitte, our „casino“ is available for hot and cold food, snacks and drinks. More extensive catering can also be arranged. There are cafés and restaurants within walking distance at the Schöneweide site. Once the renovation work is complete, there will also be a separate catering service there.
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